Your Favourites

We are pleased to present your all time favourites:


The classic, golden sauce from Japan, made from Egg Yolks, Rice Vinegar, Water and Mirin. Of course a recipe for Kimizu and one for Kimizu with Tarragon. Altough classic, we use a microwave to prepare the sauces. It’s a great tool to be in control of temperature and consistency.

Londonderry Soup

Based on a recipe of my mother, we hope you will enjoy your Londonderry Soup.

Caesar’s Mushrooms with Udon

Unfortunately the season is not very long, so be ready to buy Caesar’s Mushrooms when they are available. We combine them with Japanese Udon, creating a very tasty starter, full of flavours and texture. Also one of our personal favourites: Caesar’s Mushrooms with Udon.

No Knead Bread

Every day we have the pleasure of eating the most excellent bread, simply thanks to the wonderful recipe for No-Knead Bread. We also wrote an update.

Fried Large Prawns

It’s a bit of work, cleaning the prawns, making the sauce, assembling the dish, but the result is great. Start your meal with Fried Large Prawns.