An Egg Coddler (see this site for more information) is in most cases used to cook an egg or a mixture with let’s say egg, cheese, bacon and herbs. The benefit of using an egg coddler is the possibility to carefully control the temperature and the cuison. An egg coddler is basically a porcelain cup with a lid. It is best used au bain marie. Royal Worcester is the original (?) producer of the egg coddlers. We bought our egg coddlers via eBay since we prefer the smaller ones (standard size) and Royal Worcester stopped producing these.
Egg coddlers come in four sizes. We’re interested in the two smaller ones:

  • The Standard Size was designed to prepare one egg. It nominally measures 6½ centimeter from the base to the top of the cup, but there can be considerable variation. Today’s eggs tend to be too big, so make sure you use a small egg when using this coddler.
  • The King Size was designed to prepare two eggs. It measures 8 centimeter from the base to the top of the cup. This type of egg coddler is still being produced by Royal Worcester.

We use the egg coddler for making small flans. Unscrewing the lid is of course part of the fun and surprise.